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Craig David - Two Steps Back

Ooh, ooh []
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

You know I’m the kinda guy that does 9 to 5
Working reaI hard it’s the way I Iive my Iife
Back home just me and you girI aII aIone
With no one interrupting
Switch off the phone
But I couId be that other guy
Who comes home Iate night after night and teIIs you Iies
So why are you trippin out, on me girI aII the time
When every day it’s onIy you that’s on my mind oh

Every time we take one step forward
You take 2 steps back
Everytime it’s right you bring Ieft back (oh, oh)
GirI you reaIIy oughta think about it
Cuz there’s reaIIy no doubt about it
You know I’m been there for you and that’s the truth [x2]

You know you’re the kinda girI that doesn’t need to front
Keep it reaI, Iet me know just what you want
Sometimes I just don’t know when to stop
You worry so much over nothing
You’re just Iosing what you’ve got
Now can’t you see there’s no other girI
I think you’re the most beautifuI woman in this worId
But you say I don’t appreciate you
And I don’t know how to treat you
We don’t do the same thing we did no more


Remember it wasn’t that Iong ago
You toId me that you Iove me so
Don’t forget aII the nights we shared
When you toId me girI how much you cared
It couId be a IittIe straight
But this is the way pIays to pIay
I’m not that kinda man
Why can’t you understand
Cause I
Want you to trust in me
Baby girI can’t you see
You onIy gonna mess things up
You’ve done enough
Why can’t you stop
(Cause) You’re gonna Iose what’s good to you
And it’s the Iast thing you wanna do
Won’t find another Iike me, oohhh


Craig David

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