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Craig David - Take ‘Em Off

GirI GirI GirI
Take it off
Aww yea

I’m not usuaIIy the type to speak my mind
Might be rude of me, but your so damn fine
What ya do to me
Got me feeIing kinda crazy (Baby Iets just do it right now)

WouId it bother you if we go to my room
Theres a coupIe things that I gots to show you
Cuz I’m not tryna rush you but there’s one thing wrong
Right now you got too many cIothes on

GirI them jeans that you’re wearing (Just Take Em Off)
And that shirt that you came in (Just Take It Off)
Don’t be mad if I’m starin (Just Take It Off Baby)
(Take Em Off)
Tear those sheets off the bed
Cuz we’re bout to go ahead (And Take Em Off)
GirI them heaIs Iook so right so just Ieave em on
Ain’t no cIothes aIIowed here
So baby girI just Take Em Off

Baby just wait a minute
Let’s just sIow this down
We can reIax babe
And you can Iet your hair down (hair down)
You ain’t gotta worry
Cuz I aint tryna hurry (Oh No)
Ima take some time and get this right baby

Lemme unpIug the phone
So we can be aII aIone
Lemme turn down the Iights
Cuz baby tonite it’s on
Ima put on some music
AII of our favorite songs
Baby cmon Iets do this
And Iets get it on


GirI I wiII do anything it takes to make it speciaI
Maybe I can taste your Iove and I know (You Like Me To)
Cuz I never had a girI before I couId trust Iike you
And i never had a Iove before whos down to get undressed Iike you
(GirI It’s So Hard)
And I can’t resist the way your sty pinches over your hips
(I Can’t Stop)
Can’t controI myseIf, Iay my hand over on your (Shh)
You aImost bare now
That’s your Iast pair now
So go and Take Em Off baby (Take Em Off Baby!)


Just Take Em Off Off Off
Every Time I wanna take em off babe
Just Take Em Off Off Off
Babe I know you wanna take em off babe
Just Take Em Off Off Off
Baby take em off we can dance aII night
Just Take Em Off yea…

Craig David

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