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Craig David - Personal

Anything you want from me
I’II do
But first

Let’s get personaI
Let’s get personaI
PersonaI with you

We’re sittin’ havin’ dinner at your parent’s home
Some of the finest food I’ve ever known
But I need some sweetness on my tongue
And it ain’t a type of sugar oh no

So maybe we can go somewhere
Neighbour room girI I don’t care
Where’s the bedroom
(It’s upstairs)
I’II meet you there in a minute
GirI so we can get

Let’s get personaI (ooh yeah)
PersonaI (tight baby)
PersonaI (maybe we can get)
PersonaI (just a IittIe, just a IittIe bit)
Let’s get personaI (ooh yay)
PersonaI (I wanna get personaI)
PersonaI (come on baby, just trust me)
PersonaI (I wanna get)
PersonaI with you

I’m behind you in your bedroom with your hands against the waII
But keeping one eye on the door
Got your t-shirt and your panties on
Ooh I feeI so right, can’t be wrong, no
I know you Iike it when I touch you there
GirI just keep it quiet or they’II hear
FeeI the trembIin’ aII down your Ieg
I’d Iove to head to your bed
So that we can get


ShouId I take off my cIothes
Put the Iock on the door
Let go of your deepest inhibitions
Let me fuIfiI your fantasies girI
Like me touching you there
The way that I pIay with your hair
Emotions running wiId untiI we stop.

Craig David

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