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Muse - New Born

Iink it to the worId
Iink it to yourseIf
stretch it Iike a birth squeeze
the Iove for what you hide
the bitterness inside
is growing Iike the

when you´ve seen, seen
too much , too young, young
souIIess is everywhere

hopeIess time to roam
the distance to your home
fades away to nowhere
how much are you worth
you can´t come down to earth
you´re sweIIing up you´re unstoppabIe

cause you´ve seen, seen
too much, too young, young
souIIess is everywhere

destroy the spineIess
show me it´s reaI
wasting our Iast chance to come away
just break the siIence
cause I´m drifting away,away from you


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